Est. 1999 at Universal Pictures 


In 1999 producer Lloyd Silverman in partnership with Robert Downey Jr. and Sr. formed Passionate Pictures with the express directive of creating a collaborative community of talent to participate in all aspects of the filmmaking process.

In 2000 Passionate Pictures evolved into




Compelling, thought provoking, quality content delivered across platforms


Snow Falling on Cedars starred Ethan Hawke, Max von Sydow, Yuki Kudoh, Sam Shepard, Rick Yune and Richard Jenkins and was directed by Scott HIcks. Based upon David Guterson's #1 Best Selling novel the film was critically acclaimed worldwide and nominated for a Best Cinematography Academy award for Robert Richardson

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The Artists' Colony has been collaborating with filmmakers both national and international for over 25 years, presenting our films around the world.

World class talent


Our team has been blessed to work with some of the greatest film talent. Woody Allen shot BLUE JASMINE in San Francisco and hired our Debbie Brubaker to UPM the production. Internationally reknowned Raul Ruiz shot SHATTERED IMAGE in Jamaica and Vancouver as his first english language feature with Lloyd Silverman producing. Behind the camera was award winning Dutch cinematographer, Robbie Muller.

Our advisory board has consisted of icons from Saul Zaentz to Robert Altman, Milos Forman to Barbet Schroeder.

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Upcoming slate


Currently in pre-production is CARAVAGGIO based upon the fiery life of one of the world's foremost painters and "godfather" of naturalism. Written by Richard Vetere and based on his play the film will be directed by Mark Pellington and produced by Lloyd Silverman. The part of Caravaggio had previously attracted the likes of Russell Crowe who was then replaced by Javier Bardem before shelving the project until now.

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Imaging and messaging advisors


Throughout the years we have served as advisor to city, state and national governmental agencies with regard to economic development through public-private partnerships and continue to consult to corporations and independent organizations on

content development and distribution. Organizations now require a "hollywood storyteller" to have a seat at the table when discussing branding, imaging and messaging.

We have been honored to have served:

 The USAF, Conoco-Phillips, Estee Lauder, Disney, Mattel, WPP and Y+R.





 Client: Conoco Phillips

Client: Conoco Phillips

 Client: USAF

Client: USAF

 Client: Estee Lauder

Client: Estee Lauder

 Client: City of St. Louis/Francis Slay, Mayor / State of Missouri/ Mel Carnahan, Governor

Client: City of St. Louis/Francis Slay, Mayor / State of Missouri/ Mel Carnahan, Governor